closed kernel

closed kernel
1) Техника: полное ядро
2) Математика: замкнутое ядро

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  • Kernel (set theory) — In mathematics, the kernel of a function f may be taken to be either*the equivalence relation on the function s domain that roughly expresses the idea of equivalent as far as the function f can tell , or *the corresponding partition of the domain …   Wikipedia

  • Kernel (linear operator) — Main article: Kernel (mathematics) In linear algebra and functional analysis, the kernel of a linear operator L is the set of all operands v for which L(v) = 0. That is, if L: V → W, then where 0 denotes the null vector… …   Wikipedia

  • Kernel smoother — A kernel smoother is a statistical technique for estimating a real valued function f(X),,left( Xin mathbb{R}^{p} ight) by using its noisy observations, when no parametric model for this function is known. The estimated function is smooth, and the …   Wikipedia

  • Closed source — Der Begriff Closed Source bezeichnet ein Paradigma für die Geschlossenheit von Quelltexten einer Software. Im Gegensatz zu Open Source wird bei Closed Source Software der Quellcode nicht preisgegeben. Das heißt, der Programmcode wird vor der… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Closed and exact differential forms — In mathematics, especially vector calculus and differential topology, a closed form is a differential form α whose exterior derivative is zero (dα = 0), and an exact form is a differential form that is the exterior derivative of another …   Wikipedia

  • Closed operator — In mathematics, specifically in functional analysis, closed linear operators are an important class of linear operators on Banach spaces. They are more general than bounded operators, and therefore not necessarily continuous, but they still… …   Wikipedia

  • Closed linear span — In functional analysis, a branch of mathematics, the closed linear span of a set of vectors is the minimal closed set which contains the linear span of that set. Contents 1 Definition 2 Notes 3 A useful lemma …   Wikipedia

  • Multivariate kernel density estimation — Kernel density estimation is a nonparametric technique for density estimation i.e., estimation of probability density functions, which is one of the fundamental questions in statistics. It can be viewed as a generalisation of histogram density… …   Wikipedia

  • Linux kernel — Linux Linux kernel 3.0.0 booting Company / developer Linus Torvalds and thousands …   Wikipedia

  • Comparison of open source and closed source — Open source the source availability model used by free and open source software (FOSS) and closed source are two approaches to the distribution of software. Contents 1 Background 2 Commercialization 2.1 Proprietary software …   Wikipedia

  • Differentially closed field — In mathematics, a differential field K is differentially closed if every finite system of differential equations with a solution in some differential field extending K already has a solution in K. This concept was introduced by Robinson (1959).… …   Wikipedia

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